AskMe Android App – All in One App


AskMe is the next generation android mobile application, which serves as a one-stop solution destination that offers its users local search option, offers, deals, online classifieds, buy now, voice features and more. It was launched by Getit Info media few days back to provide an extensive and accurate directory of information for consumers. User can grab any […]

Beneath a Façade


God, religion, & faith; the most controversial topics that began with mankind. A lot of people argue about what or how it should be, and get lost in the argument that they forget to connect with and understand what they believe in. When you get trapped in such arguments, you start judging others based on […]

Shoes that Every Women’s Wardrobe Must Have


Have you read the book, or watched the movie “Devil wears Prada”? Andrea, the protagonist, of this movie joins a fashion house as a journalist, a job that millions would really die for, and learns the trades of fashion. Here is where she sees the world of fashion from the point of view of a […]

Sisterly Love at Mikoh


MIKOH is that the collaboration of sister pair Oleema and Kalani Miller. Born and bred within the tiny beach city of San Clemente in Orange County, California, Oleema and Kalani grew up with the ocean in their yard. The MIKOH line is their statement on swimwear for the fashionable girl, impressed by a life spent […]

Less is more at Minimale Animale


Who doesn’t love to look sexy and when it comes to sexy, minimale animale has hit just the right notes. They know that less is more when it comes to sexy and play their game accordingly. Hence, minimale animale swimwear is a favourite of a large number of women who love to look sexy. Cassandra […]



The brands that manufacture bikinis aren’t all about bikinis and hot models all the time. Most of the brands have a concept and thinking behind it all and each brand is different from the other. However, Odina’s concept could easily be termed as the best. Odina credits its collection to divine inspiration. Yes, it is […]

Posh Pua – The Hawaiian Way!


Posh Pua swimwear is a Hawaiian brand of bikinis and swimming costumes. It launches a new theme based collection each year. Hawaii is well known for its laid back and carefree lifestyle. Hence, since each of its collections has a theme, the theme of its latest collection is to pay an ode to its very […]